Environmental Legislation

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Ellen Hawkeswood

Environmental Legislation is a vital area, which includes many rules, laws and regulations all concerned with protecting the environment from pollution damage.

Oil Storage Regulations (England)

Oil Storage Regulations (2001) necessitate anyone in England who stores more than 200 litres of oil to have secure containment facilities for the drums, tanks and bowsers to avert any oil escaping into the environment.

It is the responsibility of the company concerned for complying with these environmental regulations and to prevent pollution to water, air and land. Penalties can be issued for non-compliance, with fines up to £5,000.

Recycling Management Supplies can help you reduce your waste management costs. By using smart systems you can considerably reduce the need for any unnecessary and sometimes costly visits by waste management companies. You can also ensure any spills are contained onsite therefore saving clean-up costs, management time, potential fines and damaging publicity. RML Supplies has a large range of absorbents, bund control units and spill kits that will ensure any spills are dealt with efficiently.

Having emergency plans and products on site ready to deal with spillages ensures compliance with Regulation 9 of COMAH. COMAH Regulations are there to prevent and reduce the effects of major incidents involving hazardous substances. Once again, RML Supplies can help and support you by providing you with the products you need to ensure you are equipped if and when an incident occurs.

Importance of Spill Kits and Location.

Having the necessary spill kits conveniently located in high risk areas will give you the best possible chance at containing spillages. Staff should be given full training on how to use spill control absorbents, which kits to use on which types of spill, and how to safely dispose of used absorbents. Spill kit locations should be carefully considered to enable fast and efficient spill control. Place your kits in areas which are at the greatest risk of a spill. Ensure that kits are in easy reach and not blocked by stock or machinery. RML Supplies have mobile spill kit trolleys which are designed to hold absorbents and allows for easy relocation if needed.

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