1. Why do I need a spill kit?

It is vital to have spill kits which are capable of containing any foreseeable spillage on-site. This will ensure that in the event of a spill the impact is minimized and it gives your staff to prevent a spill turning into an environmental incident.

A spill kit is an emergency stock of absorbent materials used to clean up spills of any liquid. They can be used to prevent pollution and to leave a working environment safe and free from a slip hazard.

No, if you are in an industry where small regular spills are unavoidable then a spill station is the best solution. Spill kits should only be opened in emergencies and stock should be replenished following the incident. For more information on our spill stations click here

Contents should include items to contain, control and clean up a spill. This most commonly includes absorbents such as socks and mats, warning equipment such as signage and tape, and hazardous waste bags. You can include other items specific for your needs such as drain covers if required.

To decide on the absorbent material, you need to identify what liquid could be spilled.

If it is a chemical spill e.g. acids, alkalis and corrosive chemicals you will need chemical absorbents which are yellow in colour. If it likely to be oil based e.g. hydrocarbons – diesel, petrol, oil-based paints, lubricants and solvents you will need oil absorbents which are white, these are hydrophobic so will not absorb water, only the oil. If the spill could be coolants, water, detergents and mild chemical solutions then you will need general maintenance absorbents which are grey, these will absorb any liquids.

NO! This can have catastrophic damage on the environment. You should prevent spills from entering drains using drain covers and clean it using your spillage equipment.

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