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A spill incident can have distressing impacts on your business, get it wrong and you could potentially face huge fines, bad publicity and even a jail sentence! The risk is not worth taking.

Do you have the correct spill management in place? By having the correct measures in place for spill control allows you to ensure you are meeting all regulations, should you have a HSE or environmental inspection.

What is spill control?

Spill control consists of four key areas: Assessing the risk of the spill, containing it when it happens, cleaning the spillage and then preventing it in the future. All spill types, including oil-based, chemical-based, hazardous etc., can all cause a potential risk to health and safety and should be addressed with immediate effect, so knowing which measures you require is vital to an effective health and safety plan.

Does my business need a spill kit?

  • If you have any form of liquid on your premises it is a good idea to have spill control measures in place to ensure any accidents can be prevented and UK Legislations are being met.

The different spills, including Chemical, Oil-Only and Maintenance, all require a different response, different products and different disposal. Certain spills can be more challenging to contain than others – therefore we provide different types of spill kits in order to make sure you have the all the correct equipment in place to ensure no accidents occur.




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